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Ella Prado

If women didn’t exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning – Aristotle Onassis

Which surprises are in store in this enchanting world?

It's like a thrilling adventure full of unexpected delights just waiting to be uncovered! Let me reveal different aspects of who I am, giving you the joy of forming your own conclusions

Describing myself is like uncorking a bottle of extraordinary wine – unique, valuable, and rich in cultural flavor. With roots in vibrant South America and influenced by the universal allure of Europe, my journey invites you to explore a diverse cellar of cultures, each sip representing a deep facet of my identity 

As a wine enthusiast, I seek diversity and intensity in every moment. If you appreciate savoring simple pleasures alongside profound experiences, envision raising a glass filled with infinite possibilities – from lightness to intensity, simplicity to glamour. My desire goes beyond the ordinary; I aim to share moments that transcend the senses, leaving an indelible mark like a captivating sip 

 Embrace the allure, surrender to the enchantment, and indulge in a unique blend of riches

Like a fine wine, secrecy defines me, shared only with those who value discretion. Being Ella Prado is my secret delight, a sip of life’s mystery that unfolds slowly. Uncovering it together would be a sensual journey, a sinfully exquisite experience



“And then, as if there was no moment ever before or after this one, there she was. Her walk switching, shifting tectonic plates with each step. Please, the slightest arch of her back could alter the earth’s axis. You want her, you know her, you want to know her… But she, wants to know herself, love herself, hear a new song and dance as if it was her favorite, by. her. self. In her hips’ rhythms we see life. When she is done she will walk away, earth still shuddering, gasping for relief” Fabian, New York



Exploring a fine label is like delving into a woman’s essence. Imagine her skin, a blend of enticing elements, drawing you in with irresistible allure. Experience indulgence as you explore my allure, in which each touch evokes pleasure

Embark on my


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